The Passio Pump Drainage System consists of a Passio Catheter, Handheld Control Unit (pump) and the Disposable Collection Kit, which includes a redressing kit, for drainage of recurrent and symptomatic pleural effusions.

Take Control of Your Therapy

  • Precise electronic flow control
  • Consistent and controlled vacuum
  • Dual valve seal to prevent leaks
  • Convenient portable design
  • More discrete disposal system
  • Less bulky supplies

Passio Disposable Collection Kit Contents

•  1 Collection bag with attached pump head
•  1 Redressing Kit containing:
   − 1 pair latex free gloves
   − 3 ea. alcohol prep pads
   − 1 ea. catheter valve cap
   − 4 ea. 4″ x 4″ gauze pads
   − 2 ea. split gauze pads
   − 1 ea. adhesive dressing
   − 1 ea. removable blue slide clamp
   − 1 ea. skin prep wipe

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Passio Pleural Drainage System

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