Passio™ Pump Drainage System​

Passio Pump Drainage System with removable pump head

Take control of your therapy

The Passio Pump Drainage System consists of a Passio Catheter, Handheld Control Unit (pump) and the Disposable Collection Kit, which includes a redressing kit, for drainage of recurrent and symptomatic pleural effusions.

The Passio Handheld Control Unit is attached to the implanted Passio catheter using the disposable collection kit and is activated to begin the evacuation of fluid into the collection bag.

The Passio catheter is exclusively designed for use with the Passio collection system but can be connected to a water seal chest drain or vacuum pump at the discretion of a physician.

  • Precise electronic flow control
  • Consistent and controlled vacuum
  • Dual valve seal to prevent leaks
  • Convenient portable design
  • More discrete disposal system
  • Less bulky supplies

Passio Disposable Collection Kits contents

•  1 Collection bag with attached pump head
•  1 Redressing Kit containing:
   − 1 pair latex free gloves
   − 3 ea. alcohol prep pads
   − 1 ea. catheter valve cap
   − 4 ea. 4″ x 4″ gauze pads
   − 2 ea. split gauze pads
   − 1 ea. adhesive dressing
   − 1 ea. removable blue slide clamp
   − 1 ea. skin prep wipe

Ordering Information

Part Number/Description


Passio Pump Drainage System Starter Pac – includes 1 Handheld Control Unit, 4 Disposable Collection Kits, 2 AA Batteries


Passio Disposable Collection Kit – includes 10 Disposable Collection Kits, 2 AA Batteries


Passio Pleural Catheter Insertion Kit


Passio Adapter Kit – 10 per box