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As a clinician, you want to be certain that you are using the best technology available to help your patients be comfortable, stable, and, most of all, at home for as long as possible. The Passio Pump Drainage System is designed to provide reliable low-level suction with a handheld pump that puts the control in your hands.

Passio proof of concept presented at ATS 2019 poster session

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Passio Pleural Drainage System

Catheter Insertion Kit

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Passio Pump Drainage System Starter Pac – includes 1 Handheld Control Unit, 4 Disposable Collection Kits, 2 AA Batteries


Passio Disposable Collection Kit – includes 10 Disposable Collection Kits, 2 AA Batteries


Passio Pleural Catheter Insertion Kit


Passio Adapter Kit – 10 per box